'I really liked my sessions with Rachel, I looked forward to them. I felt very safe and I knew I could tell her anything and she would not tell anyone. She helped me lots with my worries. I enjoyed the drawing and modelling – it wasn’t just talking, we did some fun things that really helped me.'

Client L - Age 10

I have found sessions really useful.  Rachel has given good tips and advice on how to cope in situations outside my control and where I feel overwhelmed.

Client S - Age 14

'Rachel provides a very comfortable environment for her therapy sessions, she was able to put my child at ease very quickly and ensured he felt safe and comfortable. The methods and tools used are fun and entertaining, my child was keen to see her every week.  I saw positive changes in my child both at home but also at school, the feedback from school was that he was doing much better with his schoolwork and his worries were better managed. Rachel also ensured as a parent I was comfortable and confident that I was leaving my child in very safe and capable hands.  I will certainly be recommending Rachel to others and would not hesitate to return if either of my children needed her help.'

Client L's Parent

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